Between the dates of June 5th and June 19th, 2016, the lovely and engaging Samantha of the YouTube channel “Thoughts on Tomes,” will be hosting (hostess-ing?) a two-week, “read-a-thon.” “Tome Topple,” is intended to encourage those with brick-sized books on their TBR piles to tackle the ink-and-paper beasts, and emerge triumphant (or, at least, with a TBR pile that is a book or two lighter). I have never participated in a “BookTube” read-a-thon, but I’m gearing up for this one. I am looking forward to the opportunity to dig into the plump, juicy books that have been patiently waiting on my shelves for longer than I like to think about; most notably, Gorge R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, series. It took me over a month to read, A Game of Thrones, mainly due to the fact that: A. Epic Fantasy is not my go-to genre, and it has a particular type of “flow” that takes a little getting-used-to; and B. the trade paperback edition of A Game of Thrones, has about four times the page count of a typical book on my shelves. So, we’ll see what kind of a dent I can leave in A Clash of Kings (or what kind of dent it leaves in me) in the span of  that two weeks.

As is tradition with Booktube read-a-thons, “Tome Topple” will involve a few mini-reading challenges over the course of the event. The guidelines of a regular read- a -thon might discourage “doubling up” (i.e. selecting one title to “cover” two or more challenges), but, since this one is focused on larger books, a bit of “double dipping” is understandable, and even encouraged. With that in mind, I am currently trying to settle on three books to cover a total of five challenges: two “tomes” of at least 500 pages, and one shorter book, just in case I need a rest between the bug -killer volumes. The current itinerary looks something like this:

“Tome Topple” Challenges:

  1. Read more than one, “big book” (500 pages or more):
    1. “A Clash of Kings,” by Gorge R.R. Martin
    2. “The Woman in White,” by Willkie Collins
  2. Take a graphic novel brake:
    1. “Blue is the Warmest Color,” by Julie Maroh
  3. Read a big book that is part of a series:
    1. “A Clash of Kings,” by Gorge R.R. Martin
  4. Read over 500 pages in one week
  5. Read an adult novel
    1. “This Present Darkness,” by Frank Peretti

If you have any doorstopper books that you’ve been meaning to get around to, and you would like to join the fun, Sam of “Thoughts on Tomes”, and her associates will be hosting reading sprints via social media during the read-a-thon. Check out Sam’s announcement video below for the lowdown:


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