*I was contacted by the author and asked for an honest review*
“Night Vision,” a creative and engaging first offering from sort fiction author Augie Peterson, reminds fans of the horror genre that, sometimes, the swift hand packs the best punch. Although the prose does, at times, contain the rough edges often found in self-published fare, Peterson’s gift for compact, focused story-telling shines through, bringing with it a delightful accent of the unexpected.

Peterson’s compact collection draws inspiration from a variety of horror sub-genres, with an imagination and style that puts faith in the reader’s ability to follow her into the shadows and use their wits to find their way around. Peterson gives the reader just enough to draw us in close, before pulling the rug out from under our feet with delightfully startling “last act” twists. Breif, compact, and effective, the visions of the unexplained and expected in “Night Vision” will leave fellow horror junkies looking forward to more from Peterson’s pen.

You can find a copy here:https://www.amazon.com/Night-Vision-Collection-Horror-Stories/dp/1978136390/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511822113&sr=8-1&keywords=augie+peterson


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